Throwing Precaution to the Wind
Russell Mockhiber & Robert Weissman
Joseph DiGangi
US Intervention in EU Chemical Policy (p. 10)
Friends of the Earth &
Corporate Europe Observatory
Massive Attack on Brazil's IPR Policies
Felipe Fonseca & Volker Grassmuck
Consumer Project on Technology/
Knowledge Ecology Int'l (KEI)
June 2005
Rachel's Precaution Reporter #13 (Science & Enviro Health Network)
Nov. 2005
Institutefor Agriculture & Trade Policy; Dr. Conrad Miller
The Organic Consumers Assoc via Crest of the Wave Blog
Nov. 2006
Business & Media Institute
Aug. 2007
Report Finds Significant Industry Affiliation in IGWG 'NGO' Comments
Kaitlin Mara
Intellectual Property Watch
Nov. 2007
Lawrence A. Kogan
Oct. 2010
May 2011
U.S. Ambassador: Over-Focus on Development "Will Kill" WIPO 
Dec. 2010
​Bill Waren
Friends of the Earth Updates & News Releases
​ Date       Organization        Author                            Title                         Excerpt/Full Report
July​ 2014

ITSSD Response
(here) (p.30)
Update 46 - Global Trade News: Intimidating Governments; Impact on Baby Food Marketing
Baby Milk Action
Briefing - GM Trade War Looms: How Will the World Trade Organisation Handle the US/EU Food Dispute? (pp. 2, 13)
Friends of the Earth (FOE)
Briefing Paper on REACH
Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD)
Some Exports Aren't So Good
Bryan O'Keefe
Capital Research Center 
Greenwatch Blog 
Sept. 2005
Rightwingers Say U.S. Should Not Adopt European Laws 
Staff (Progress & Freedom Foundation Center for the Study of Digital Property)
April 2007
Unsolicited Email:  Academics Appeal to ITSSD "To Become An Advocate For Change In The [Int'l] IPR Regime To Allow For Universal Access to Knowledge" 
Donna Arif
University of Ottawa School of International Development
Lost at Sea
Doug Bandow
WIPO Members Search For A Negotiating Agenda on Patent Law 
Kaitlin Mara & William New
Intellectual Property Watch
Que ha Pasado con The Guardian?

What Happened to The Guardian?

Amid Decision On Euro 890,000,000 Fine, ITSSD Goes Battling for Microsoft
Roy Schestowitz
William New
Intellectual Property Watch
Deregulatory Disappointment:  Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement Negotiations (p. 8) 
​Bill Waren
Friends of the Earth Issue Brief
Sinister Partners: Transatlantic Trade Agreement and Toxic Chemicals (pp.1-2, 9)

NGO & Activist Media References ​(2003-2015)

"Providing an informed, reasoned and dispassionate

voice to the global public debate..."

Multiple EnviroNGOS

Comments: EPA Draft Assessment on Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil on Drinking Water Resources


  (fns 4-5)

Multiple EnviroNGOS
(here) (p.1)
IBFAN Response to Consultation on WHO Guideline: Sugar Intakes for Adults/Child
IBFAN Liaison Office (Geneva, CH)

Pollution Advocate Rachel DeJong And Her Unsavory Smear Campaign at WUWT
Hot Whopper Blog
Biotech Food Fight
Robert Weissman
Multinational Monitor/The Front
(Vol. 24, No. 6)
Precaution and Power
Multinational Monitor 
(Vol. 25, No. 9)
Two More Releases Attacking Brazil on the Current IP Dispute
Mike Palmedo
Beware the Precautionary Principle
Leonard Gilroy
Nov. 2005
Reason Foundation Out of Control Policy Blog
IPCentral Weblog Archives: Big Tent - LA Kogan Closing Address at Tenth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights Held by Property Rights Foundation of America
James Delong
May 2007
Jeff Poor & Paul Detrick
NBC: Combat Russian Imperialism and Global Warming
June 2008
July 2009