Aug 2014 – ITSSD Files Public Comments Arguing that EPA Cannot Use the “Major Assessments” Supporting EPA’s 2009 GHG Endangerment Findings and the DOC-NOAA’s Third National Climate Assessment as the Scientific Foundation for its Proposed Power Plant Carbon Pollution Rules Due to Information Quality Act Peer Review Standard Violations !

June 2014 – ITSSD Files New 145-page FOIA Request With EPA Seeking Disclosure of Records Substantiating Agency Compliance With Four Different Levels of Information Quality Action Legal Obligations in Connection With the Peer Review of EPA’s 2009 Clean Air GHG Endangerment Findings

May 2014 – Freelance Journalist Marita Noon Prepares Two Articles Appearing in theCanada Free Press and  Discussing How ITSSD Research Incorporated Within Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests Filed with EPA and NOAA Has Revealed Agency Failure to Comply with Information Quality Act Peer Review Standards With Respect to the Climate Science Underlying EPA’s 2009 Clean Air Act Endangerment Findings Which Also Likely Occurred with Respect to the Science Underlying EPA’s Listing of the Meadow Jumping Mouse as an Endangered Species.